With every design solution, we aim to create much more than you ever thought possible.

Q. Can you make a sliding door wardrobe?

A. YES, from our years of experience we have found great sliding door suppliers, who offer us great quality sliding doors at very reasonable prices. This is a great option for fitted wardrobes when space and access is limited.

Q. How much will it cost for an average-sized bedroom?

A. At Sanghani Wardrobe there is no such thing as ‘standard’, as everything is custom-built to suit the individual’s requirements and every bedroom is unique. Design solutions can be tailored to any budget and we will personally provide a free, no-obligation design quote.

Q. How quickly can the work be done?

A. From date of order, delivery is usually within two to four weeks, and installation normally takes one day.

Q. My room is in an awkward shape, is this a problem?

A. We can design a layout which can overcome most situations and often our solution provides far more usable space than a client ever thought possible.

Q. Can you work round sloping ceilings?

A. Yes – no problem. We can offer various solutions with compromising on the looks.

Q. How do I know you’ll do a good job?

A. You can rest assured that we will provide you with an excellent service. Our business depends upon our reputation and every job is under the personal supervision of Mr Chandrakant Bhudia. We receive a high volume of our enquires and sales through recommendation by our many satisfied customers over many years.

Q. Will you tidy-up after the work is completed?

A. Yes. Unlike some companies, our professional fitters pride themselves on leaving everything clean and tidy.

Q. What is the difference between a door or a panel or a drawer front?

A. There is no real difference in the structure of the panels but the use will dictate the design layout of the panels.

Q. What sort of doors do you make?

A. The doors we make are MFC double sided and single sided Acrylic MDF these are suitable for kitchen units fitted bedrooms bathrooms etc

 Q. Measurement guide for your fitted wardrobe


  • Carefully measure the width and height of where you wish your wardrobe to go – take a little time to get it right, your wardrobe is made to measure.
  • We prefer metric measurements, remember 2400mm or 8 Foot is our maximum height for the actual doors, there is no minimum, you can have any height up to this. We have an optimum number of doors for your width see our gallery for more wardrobe designs


    A greater height for the wardrobes can be achieved with made to measure fitted wardrobes, contact for more details.

Q. Designing and planning your Wardrobe.

A. Maybe you know exactly what design you want. If so, just visit our online wardrobe designer page, design your wardrobe, print and visit us on our workshop, we will be happy to help you to fulfill your required made to measure wardrobe to complete including design, price and installation.

Q. Understanding measurements




Q. Converting measurements

Convert MM to Inches

To Convert MM to Inches, Please enter the MM amount you wish to convert into the MM box below and simply click the calculate button for an automatic conversion of MM to Inches. Our Convert MM to Inches Conversion Calculator can also be used to convert the most popular metric measurements to various other popular U.S. measurements.

Metric * US
Micrometers (�m) * Inches (in)
Millimeters (mm) * Feet (ft)
Centimeters (cm) * Yards (yd)
Meters (m) * Rods (rd)

The chart below translates various MM sizes to its Inches equivalent. For example using the chart below you can see that 5 millimeters equals 3.15/16th of an Inch

Q. How to place an order?

A. After we’ve quoted and you have accepted our complete solution, once you have paid your deposit, we’ll visit the site and verify the measurements, before manufacturing your wardrobe. Just to double check and retain our quality Standards!

Q. If you haven’t got any plans or ideas?


A. You are always welcome to see us at our workshop and we can help you design your wardrobe. Please bring an approximant measurement of your room as illustrated,

Because we provide pure made to measure fitted wardrobe solution, it will be very difficult for us to provide our services (wardrobe layout, price etc) to you without any measurements.